Chapter 27

Visual chpt. 27


Trends found in Retailing

On the trip yesterday, I’ve noticed that different stores sort of had similar techniques in retailing styles. Fo example, Prada had a whole metallic theme all throughout which I can compare to the New Museum theme which also had a textured metallic theme. Another similar style of merchandise that all retail stores seemed to have is wool for the fall season and wood flooring throughout their store such as in Alternative. I was inspired by all of the different forms of retailing and the different styles and found that it would be great to incorporate it into the Post-it window displays.

How Interactive Displays Are Enhancing The In-Store Experience

Claribel Truglia                                                                                               4/3/14


Visual Merchandising                                                                                     Ms. Selleck


How Interactive Displays Are Enhancing The In-Store Experience


A more effective way of shopping has changed the whole shopping experience for consumers. Who needs a sales assistant when you have technology to do it for you? This greater use in technology has created shopping for consumers easier and faster. Although some may argue that this technology is replacing jobs, it’s is all about the consumer and how they feel about it, and in today’s society, many love it.

            Technologically based interactive displays allow a shopper to view how they would look like in a certain piece of merchandise with a simple tough of the screen. For example, if a consumer would like to see how they would look with a certain pair of shoes, they would prevent going through all the hassle of physically trying the shoes on, and view it from a screen. This is possible through a device called Kinect, which many stores are beginning to contribute into their stores. This creates an easy, less time consuming way to view clothing, especially when it is not in stock.

            Many may argue that technology is starting to take over the world, from surgical procedures, to in-store experiences. This is problematic for many workers who could potentially lose their jobs because they no longer may be needed. Unfortunately, this isn’t beneficial for employees, however less jobs in retailing means more jobs in computer engineering to make this new Interactive display possible in all stores.

            In conclusion, it’s controversial whether this new technology is benefiting or hurting the retailing business. This means less competition between retail stores and online shopping sites. However, creating shopping more efficient definitely benefits the average consumer. I find this to be a very interesting approach and can see robots as our sales people in the very near future.