Lou Nasti’s Window Display- Least Favorite

Lou Nasti's Window Display- Least Favorite

I couldn’t find a display that I least disliked because there is so much entertainment in all of his display. The only thing I could find i didn’t enjoy as much in this display are the colors and the dolls which scare me. Other than that, I can clearly picture the story that this display forms which once again brings a smile to my face.


Lou Nasti’s WIndow Dsiplay- Favorite

Lou Nasti's WIndow Dsiplay- Favorite

I found Lou Nasti’s displays to be very interesting and fun to watch because it brings out my inner child. I love teddy bears which is why I loved this display the most. I feel it would have looked even better in person when I can actually see the teddy bears moving. I can tell there is a story behind this display and would make any child smile because only children know what that story is telling. It’s the imagination and lack of negative space that makes this display unique and fun, a smile forming on everyone’s faces.

Lou Nasti

Lou Nasti is famous for his animated window displays. His work is very amiable and seems like it appeals to the younger audience, however can be a fun experience for all ages. Enjoyment and entertainment is found everywhere in his displays. His “Santa’s workshop” can be found in Brooklyn commonly known as Lou Nasti’s Brooklyn company, Mechanical Displays Inc. He is well known for creating displays that have holiday themes and bring out the fantasy in every holiday, such as Santa Claus and his elves. These famous displays can mainly be found in department stores such as Macy’s. 

His famous career started as a teenager when he started as a window dresser. His fame up roared when he created a talking and walking robot. His work is amazing and is viewed by many every year. However the main obstacle for Lou Nasti every year is putting up a Christmas tree in his own home. Despite this obstacle, he still creates the best displays filled with imagination. His displays circulate around the country, that’s how good he is. 

Another important obstacle that not only Lou Nasti faces but department stores face is online shopping and how it has affected businesses in stores. It’s up to Lou Nasti to work night and day to change this and help boost up this line of work. His theme seems to be “bigger is better.” Lou Nasti continues to work hard, recently creating a huge children’s train ride through a sprawling peppermint forest for the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, Ky. However, his foremost project is to create a life sized theme park named Nasti Land.