Response to articles

I agree with both articles in response to the branding idea. A lot of people are more concerned about what brand they are wearing rather than the quality. Today, consumers like to feel that when they purchase something, they want it to look expensive and rare to find, according to “Brand Culture and Logo Worship.” According to this article, brands have been around for decades. During the twentieth century, when brands like Louis Vuitton were created, consumers lived in the era of the BIG. I agree with this statement and I feel that consumers today are still like that. The importance of keeping updated with the things you have relate to materialism, and this continues to be a big part of society. According to the second article, “The Anti-Brand,” non branded stores still have brands. This connects to materialism by proving that consumers today don’t mind what they purchase as long as they know the store and other people know the store. A major example of an anti branding store is Muji, a Japanese store. They sell everything of the sorts from art supplies to clothing. Both articles contribute to the idea that consumers today don’t care for what they buy as long as they are aware of the store name.


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