Documentation of Group Project Day 1

Today was the first day I worked with my group and started putting ideas together to start our creation of the new PBIS store. I first measured the entire store and started thiniking of ideas to make the store pop. As a group we came up with the color and theme and how the store should be layed out. The theme of the store is a bit difficult because the PBIS store sells a lot of differnent merchandise. However, we came up with the idea of having different stations around the room so it creates an organized layout. For our individual assignments, we are all creating our own mood boards to create an easier communication between the members and have an idea of what we would each like to see in the store. Lastly, we are all planning on going to different stores and document different aspects of the store so we can have an idea of how to put the store together. I’m excited to implement my ideas and put everything into effect.

My Twilight Display Analysis

After completing this project, I found my overall work to be very successful. I was able to incorporate all forms of Visual Merchandising into my display starting with theme and color. My favorite part about my display was how I was able to emulate my original photoshop display into 3D. I am very proud with how everything came out. However, the only thing I would improve is the outward appearance. If there was anyway I could’ve made the actual display look less plain, like painting it or covering it with fabric, I feel this would help make my project even better. I honestly can say this is my best work and I am very proud about how far I stretched my creativity and imagination to create a successful display.