Summary/ Response to Gene Moore Article

Even as a failed painter, Gene Moore has successfully created window displays for Tiffany & Co. Every two weeks, he creates a magical wonderland filled with entertainment for shoppers and passer byers. He takes an ordinary scene and makes it into something big and tells a story, for example, he takes an ordinary truck and forms a story with that truck by having it dumb dirt and diamonds. This reminds me of an oxymoron, two things that never go together. By taking a naturally grown or formed object, Gene Moore makes that object look more glamorous than it is.

When Gene Moore first started in 1955, his job was not to sell the items in the store, his job was to use his imagination and make the merchandise fit into his original plans rather than building around the merchandise. Throughout his long life, he’s been through a lot to get to where he is now. He didn’t grow up with his parents and he grew up with the idea that he was going to be the best painter in the world. Now that he isn’t, he is still the best window dresser in the world.    


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