Quick Fix Summary

Based on the reading, many visual mistakes, whether in a display or in the floor of a store, can happen at any store. The most important thing is to know how to fix these mistakes. An example of a mistake could be bad lighting in a store. The easy fix would be to use low voltage lights so the fluorescent lighting does not blind customers. Cluttered window displays distract people from the “visual message” and can be fixed by keeping the number of products in a window odd. Another popular mistake are messy dressing rooms and dirty bathrooms. This can easily be fixed by assigning tasks for employees to make sure everything is well organized in the dressing rooms and clean and fresh in the bathrooms. Out of many mistakes these are only a few. There are many ways to keep your display and store looking as attractive as possible to consumers but it’s important to know what does and doesn’t work in window displays and stores. 


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